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Admissions 2018
  • Application Forms: Application forms can be collected from our Administrative Office or it can be emailed upon request.
  • A non-refundable registration fee (See Below) must accompany this form in respect of all applicants within South Africa
  • A school readiness test may be required on request.
  • The completed and signed form is to be returned with CERTIFIED COPIES of the following documents:
    Birth Certificate of applicant
    Inoculation Certificate (Clinic Card) of applicant
    Final report from previous year and most current school report and transfer letter
    Identity Documents (both parents / guardian)
  • Orel_Little_Eagles_Application_Form_2018.pdf
  • Grade_R_-_7_Application_Froms.pdf
Registration (applicable to 2018)
(Definition) The registration fee is the fee paid by the parent / guardian to cover an initial contribution to the capital costs of the school. This fee is payable on receiving the application form and is non-refundable.

Babies - Grade R : R  500.00 Annually
Grade 1 - 7           : R1800,00 Annually

School Fees (applicable to 2018)
(Definition) School fees refers to the money payable by the parent / guardian to the school in connection with the student's education, excluding any registration fees.

Parents are entitled to elect at enrolment whether they pay school fee annually, per term or via a monthly debit order over 11 months. All fees are payable in advance and there is a discounted rate for fees paid in advance per term or annually.

Babies - Toddlers     : R1850.00 per month for full day
                                 : R1400.00 per month for half day
Grade R                   : R1950.00 per month for full day
                                 : R1620.00 per month for half day
Grade 1 - 7               : R1800.00 per month until 15H00 (half day learner)
                                 : R  540.00 per month for full day learner/extended excellence training.

Please contact the office for pricing structures on quarterly, half yearly and yearly payment options.

Development Levy (applicable to 2018)
(Definition) Development Levy refers to the fee paid by the parent / guardian as a non-refundable contribution to the school's ongoing development costs. This is a compulsory annual levy and is exclusively used to fund building and capital projects and will not be used in funding the day to day operations of the school. It is payable for the first child in the family who attends the school, but not any subsequent children and is billed per term in advance. This levy forms part of the school's revenue for that year and must not be confused with the enrolment fee.
Grade Levy Payable on 1st child of the family (Per Year) Levy Payable on 1st child of the family (Per Term)
1-7 R1800.00 R450.00



**  Please read the contracts carefully as there are some changes made
**  Please take note that fees have increased for 2019.
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