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Welcome to Orel Private Academy.
Orel Private Academy believes in the ability of education to change the future, to move the planet towards a world of progress, harmony and wisdom. For us, a good education means something that leads to the creation of a fully-developed individual: mature, erudite, strong, and kind. This is the vision towards which Orel Private Academy has been striving continuously throughout its existence.

This site is created to help existing and prospective parents understand our concept of education and our methodology of realizing this concept. We encourage you to go through the pages of this site carefully and hope that you shall find it useful, informative and inspiring.

This site also offers detailed information about our school, its curriculum, and about various other aspects of our work. For answers to any questions you may have or for further information about any aspect of the Orel Private Academy way of life, please contact us.


Co-Owner and CEO - Mrs. Irma Fourie,  Co-Owner and Manager - Mrs. Marise Fourie and Co-Owner and Principal - Mr. Corrie Solomons strive to make this school unique with the help of a dedicated staff and Governing Body board members.

Our goal is to Dream, Believe and Achieve.
Not to strive for perfection, but for excellence.
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