Did you Know?

At Orel Private Academy we teach morals first
and then the ABC’s.

We are a no homework school.
Grade 1’s will get spelling revision on a Thursday.
Grade 2-7 will get assignments on a Friday.
When we work – we work hard. When we play – we play with enthusiasm!

We have our own coffee shop, Bella Reese, with weekly specials.

  • We are the strictest school in Kimberley, but we produce the most awesome kids in the world!
  • If parents think our life coaches are doing something seriously wrong, we make use of lie detector testing.
  • We are trend setters. We choose leaders on their ability, not on their age or gender.
  • CEO Mrs Irma Fourie gives a birthday present to each and every learner at this school.
  • Our DUX learner wins the Lily Franzsen bursary. No school fees for a year! WOW!!!
  • We have planted our own fruit trees.
  • For 2019 – our school consists of 450 learners and still growing.
    150 Little Eagles and 300 Orel Private Academy Learners.
  • We have a total 42 staff.

We have the following classes

  • We teach the following at our school:
    Leadership  |  Ethics  |  Accountability  |  Critical Thinking
    Media Awareness  |  People Skills  |  Adaptability
    Personal Productivity  |  Self-Direction  |  Creativity
    Problem Solving  |  Social Responsibility
  • If you do not hand in your assignments, you receive 0 marks. At this school we work with honesty and integrity.
  • We have only 1 general parent meeting at the beginning of the year. The rest is Grade meetings per term and it is compulsory for parents to attend.
  • All learners must partake in once a term community projects and fund raiser. This teaches them social responsibility.


Due to Covid-19 all sport activities has been suspended until further notice


Only applicable to Full Day Learners from Grade R to 7.


Extra Mural Activities:

Soccer  |  Playball  |  Athletics  |  Chess   |   Drama  |  Dancing

Available at the school, but payable by the parent.
Please enquire at the offices of Orel Private Academy for more information