Fees & Payments Structure


  • The following fees are payable upon submission of this enrollment contract and is applicable in respect to all applicants within South Africa: For all fee structure specifications
    1. Annual Non-refundable Registration Fee
    2.  Annual Non-refundable Development Levy (Only applicable to the first child, siblings are discounted)
    3. Stationery fees must also accompany this form. The amount depends on the Grade, an admission test is required for all Grade 1 applicants who have not attended Orel Private Academy Grade R.
  • This completed form is to be returned with CERTIFIED COPIES of the following documents:
  1. Birth Certificate of learner;
  2. Immunisation Record / Inoculation Certificate (Clinic Card) of applicant;
  3. Final report from previous year and most recent school reports and transfer letter
  4. Identity Documents (Both Parents and Guardian)
  5. Copy of Medical Aid Card if applicable
  6. Proof of Residence (Both Parents and Guardian)

Proof of payment for fees payable with submission (EFT, Cash Deposit or POS)


Non-refundable & Payable upon Registration

Babies – 3-4 YearsR630.00
Grade RRR630.00
Grade R-7R2260.00


Payable upon Registration

1-2 Years & Bridging ClassR1050.00
2-3 & 3-4 Year ClassesR1250.00
Grade RRR1250.00
Grade R-2R1550.00
Grade 3-7R1800.00


Non-refundable & Payable upon Registration

Grade RRR1750.00
Grade R-7R2260.00


11 Month Payment Plan, Discounts given on Quarterly – Yearly Payments

Babies until 3-4 YearsR1758.40
Grade RRR1760.00
Grade R-7R2260.00
Babies until 3-4 YearsR2318.40
Grade RRR2320.00
Grade R-7R2950.00

For more information on the payment structure, terms and conditions, please contact the office

(Definition) The registration fee is the fee paid by the parent / guardian to cover an initial contribution to the capital costs of the school. This fee is payable on receiving the application form and is non-refundable. The registration fee is payable each year that the learner enrolls at the school.



(Definition) Development levy refers to the fee paid by the parent/guardian as a non-refundable contribution to the school’s ongoing development costs. This is a compulsory annual levy and is exclusively used to fund building and capital projects and will not be used in funding the day to day operations of the school. It is payable for the first child in the family who attends the school, but not any subsequent children and is billed once off yearly and payable it advance with the registration and stationery fees. This levy forms part of the school’s revenue for that year and must not be confused with the enrolment fee.



Each student’s stationery can only be ordered and paid for at the offices of Orel Private Academy. This is a once off payment made each year upon enrolment and will contain all the required stationery for that year. No parents / guardians are allowed to supply stationery themselves. If stationery items are not looked after by the learner during the school terms, parents will need to replace the item themselves.


    (Definition) School fees refers to the money payable by the parent / guardian to the school in connection with the student’s education, excluding any registration, development levy and stationery fees.

All fees are payable in advance, and there is a discounted rate for fees paid in per term, 6 months or annually. Monthly fees are strictly payable via a monthly debit order that must be loaded at the offices of Orel Private Academy using the appropriate bank card. Parents are entitled to elect at enrolment whether they pay school fees quarterly, half yearly, yearly or monthly.

Any and all enrolments after the month of January (i.e. February – December) will be paying an increased premium. Please consult the offices of Orel Private Academy for further explanation or calculations with regards to this matter as the stated fee structure listed is only applicable to applicants who enrolled from January.
All changes need to be made in writing and with a month’s prior notice when changing between fullday and half day options after enrollment.


  • Fees are strictly payable in advance. Only quarterly, half yearly and yearly paying learners will be allowed to make payment via EFT, Cash Deposit or POS at the office. All monthly paying learners pay strictly via debit order and it is only allowed to be loaded in the offices of Orel Private Academy using the appropriate bank card. Payments must be received no later than 7 days after the arranged payment date. Failure to settle the account will result in levy charges being added and or services being suspended until full payment is made.
  • Discounts will be removed for quarterly, half yearly and yearly paying learners if payment is not made on the appropriate date, and R100.00 levy charge for unpaid debit orders will be invoiced to your account additionally and must be settled within the same 7 days rule as stated above. R10.00 Late Collection Fine will be charged per minute that the child is collected late (As per the hours stated on page 11) and a 15 minute grace period will be granted only to parents who have informed us on e-mail that they are running late.